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No.14.Xianfang East Road, Xinjie, Zonghan, Cixi City, Ningbo, China 315301

Cixi Heroos Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd. dedicate to R&D, Production and sales of industrial gasket, gland packing,joint sheet, sealing machines, and Insulating Materials. As a professional sealing manufacuturer, our products are widely used in various gasesin the sealed pipers and vavles, pump systerms, engineering in the field of thermal power, gas turbine, oil refining, chemicals, shipbuilding, food, pharmaceutical, chemical fiber, dyes,nuclear industry,aerospace and other indutries.We have rich experience in exporting our products to Europe, the Middle east,south America, southest asia and other countries and regions.

Main Products as follows:

Industrial gaskets

Double Jacketed Gasket, Spiral Wound Gasket, Lens Gasket, Ring Joint Gasket, Inner and outer Ring of SWG, Kammprofile Gasket, Corrugared Gasket with PTFE Coating, Corrugated Gasket with Graphite Coating, Pure Expanded Graphite Gasket, Reinforced Graphite Gasket, PTFE GASKET, Pure PTFE Gasket, PTFE Envelope Gasket, Copper Exhaust Gasket, Solid Copper Gaskets, Non-Metallic Flat Gaskets ect.

Compression Packings

Asbestos Packing With Graphited & Oil,Inconel Reinforced Asbestos packing treated with graphite & rubber, Asbestos Packing With PTFE Impregnation, Cotton Packing with PTFE Impregnation, PTFE Packing with Kynol fiber corners, Kynol Fiber Packing, Ramie Packing With Graphite & Oil Impregnation, Ramie packing with silicon Rubber Core, Ramie Fiber Packing With PTFE & oil, Ramie Fiber Packing With PTFE & oil, Arcylic Fiber Packing Treated With Graphite, Arcylic fiber packing with PTFE, Arcylic fiber packing with PTFE, Cotton Packing With Graphite & Oil, Pure PTFE Packing, Pure PTFE Packing with oil, PTFE Filament Packing, ePTFE Round Cord, Graphited PTFE Packing, Graphited PTFE Packing with oil, gPTFE Filament Packing, Flexible Graphite Packing,Graphite Packing reinforced with Inconel wire, Graphite packing with PTFE impregnation, Graphite packing with PTFE corners, Graphite packing with carbon fiber corners, Super-high Temperature & Pressure Valve Packing, High-temp Jacketed Graphite Packing, Die-formed Graphite Ring, Aramid Fiber Packing, Aramid fiber packing impregnated with PTFE, Graphited Spun Aramid Fiber Packing, Nomex Fiber Packing, Nomex Fiber Packing with rubber core, White PTFE Packing with Aramid Corners, gPTFE Packing with Aramid Corners, gPTFE & Aramid in Zebra Braided Packing, Carbonized Fiber Packing, Carbonized Fiber Packing with Graphite, Carbon Fiber Paking etc.

Gasket Sheets 

Oil-resisting Non-asbestos Sheet, Non-asbestos Sheet, Acid-resisting Asbestos Rubber Sheet, Oil-resisting Asbestos Rubber Sheet, Asbestos emulsion sheet, Asbestos Sheet with Wire Mesh, Asbestos Rubber Sheet, Rubber Sheet, Expanded PTFE Sheet, Virgin PTFE Tube and Rod, Pure PTFE Sheet, Graphite Sheet with Wire Mesh, Graphite Sheet with Tanged Metal, Graphite Sheet with Metal Foil, Expanded Graphite Sheet, (NA)-Beater with Double-face Tanged CS, Reinforced (Non-)Asbestos Beater Sheet, Non-asbestos Beater Sheet etc.

Sealing Machines

Gaskets Machines Blade Grinding Machine, metal winding gasket ring polishing machine, Full Automatic Spiral Wound Gaskets Machine, Medium CNC Spiral Wound Gaskets Machine, Small CNC Spiral Wound Gasket Machine, Large Winding Machine (horizontal), Small Winding Machine for Spiral Wound Gasket, Horizontal dual-purpose Milling Ring Machine, Inner Ring Chamfering Machine, Outer Ring Grooving Machine, Automatic Ring Bending Machine, Automatic Metal Ring Joint Welding Machine, Metal Ring Joint Milling Machine, Metal Tape Cutting Machine, Eyelets metal Tape shaper, Double Knives Cut Machine for Gaskets, Reinforced Graphite Gasket Machine, Metal Jacketed Machine for Double Jacketed Gasket, Kammprofile Gasket Machines etc.

Raw Material

BENDING COIL SS304/SS316L, Flat/ V-shape metallic tape ss304 ss316L, Graphite Tape for Spiral wound gasket, PTFE tape for SWG, Corrugated Graphite Tape, Pure PTFE Yarn, Pure PTFE Yarn with oil, Graphited PTFE yarn, Multiple PTFE filament yarn, Expanded Graphite Yarn, Carbonized fiber Yarn, Carbon Fiber Yarn, Ramie Yarn, Arcylic Fiber Yarn, Graphite Yarn Wrapped with Wire Mesh, Red Silicon rubber cord etc.

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