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Metal Tape Cutting Machine simple Operating Instructions

source:Cixi Heroos Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd.

the installation:

Carefully open the wooden box packaging machine, the machine and place smoothly moved to the installation location.

the test run:

Power (according to the labeling requirements into line machine wiring), check the blade meets the processing requirements, operating inverted switch to start the machine, observe the rotational direction of the blades is correct, if not correct, you need to change the rotation direction of commutation.

before the start of the preparation:

1, the blade is sharp.

2, blade width to meet the requirements.

3, the cutting fluid prepared, spare brushes.

4, raw materials meet the requirements.

5, the discharge end of the feed tray to put in front of 5-6 meters.


1. Open the packaging material and pull one end of the outer end of the strip, via guide wheels underneath, so that an S-shaped raw material import slitting head.

2, adjust the front guide carriage, complete wire scrap regulation

3, stop the machine when the points of separation of about 2.5 meters, will hang each strip into the adjustment dial rewinding shaft.

4, again start slitting machine (as the case to raise the blade cutting fluid).

5. Receipt steel plate should not be too close to the outer circumference, stop the machine cut steel, steel plate removed one by one, to complete the operation.

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