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seal packing custody matters needing attention

source:Cixi Heroos Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd.

1, packing seal, can be put into operationapplication. In the official before driving, should use the human slow start the test run (turning). In the operation, such as the moment the phenomenon of excessive packing glandtoo tight, may be caused by, can be appropriately loose glandbolts to adjust, until the friction smaller resistance and sealing without leakage extent suitable.

Packing seal in the running, if it is found that the frictiontorque, stuffing box temperature on the long, may be the lack of lubricant or pre tightening force caused by excessive. We should take measures to adjust, in the circumstances allow,control the appropriate amount of seal leakage. Centrifugal pump for most harmless medium, normally should keep a small droplet leak, in order to play the role of cooling and lubrication.

2, packing seal in the official car, to insist on tour observation,note the braided packing leakage and stuffing boxtemperature whether it meets the requirements, such asbraided packing there is abnormal, should immediately adjust. If the packing seal leakage is greater than theallowable value, can tighten the gland, but every time to no more than one ring, but still need to maintain allow packing seal to prevent leakage, friction heat increases abruptly, burn the sealing filler.

3, the dynamic seal on the packing seal, especially thesealing line high speed, continuous casting cooling water orlubricant, which is the effective measure to improve thesealing effect and prolong the service life of the filler.

4, packing filler sealed custody matters needing attention

1) packing should be stored at room temperature, ventilated place; to prevent direct sunlight, to avoid deterioration of packing seal. Not in a place near the acid, alkali and otherpacking corrosive goods, also should not be packingdeposited at high temperature or low temperature and humid environment radiation.

2) for nuclear power plant with the packing, in addition to the above points, we should also pay special attention to avoidpacking seal contact with chlorine ions substance.

3) packing in the transportation and inventory process,attention should be paid to prevent sand, dust and foreign matter contamination seal packing. Once the adhesion of debris, to completely remove the packing, to avoid surface damage shaft assembly, sealing effects.

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