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Species, composition and application of PACKING

source:Cixi Heroos Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd.

Because the working conditions of the different kinds ofpacking seal, packing is also very many. In order to distinguish and select better packing, we usually a sealing substrate according to the main body of the packing materialpacking is divided into: natural fiber packing, mineral fiber,synthetic fiber packing packing, ceramic and metal fiberpacking, the specific composition is as follows:

1, natural fiber packing

Natural fibers are natural cotton, hemp, wool as the sealingmaterial of packing

2, mineral fiber packing

Mineral fiber packing include asbestos packing etc.

3, synthetic fiber packing

Synthetic fiber packing is mainly include: graphite packing,carbon fiber packing, PTFE packing, packing, class Kevlaracrylic clip silica gel fiber packing

4, ceramic and metal fiber packing

Ceramic and metal fiber packing are: silicon carbide, boron carbide packing, packing medium alkali glass fiber packingand so on, because of fiber material single some materialitself has the disadvantages, using a single fiber braided packing, the packing fiber gaps exist, easy cause leakage,and some fiber self poor lubrication, friction coefficient, so todip some lubricants, filler and special additives etc.. Toimprove the packing density and lubrication, such as: mixed with graphite powder mineral oil or grease molybdenum disulfide, and talc, mica, glycerin, vegetable oil, andimpregnated with PTFE emulsion, and the emulsion to an amount of surfactants and dispersants. Special additivesusually zinc particles, blocking agent, molybdenum basedinhibitor and so on, to reduce the corrosion of equipment ofpacking.

With the development of science and technology, more andmore extensive application of nanotechnology,nanotechnology is mainly to find out some hiddencharacteristics of material itself, some characteristics canreduce or eliminate some of the drawbacks of materials in the province, and play some remarkable characteristics of material itself has. In the sealing industry, sealing materials research and development has always been a cutting-edgetechnology industry, the long-term cooperation of domestic and international famous nano research institutions,successfully developed a nano packing series, and applied for a patent for invention of the State Intellectual Property Office, but also opened up a new field plate application root,the packing seal the improvement of technological leapfrogging, which can make the equipment sealing performance and service life have improved significantly, andbring considerable economic benefits.

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