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Identification of PTFE packing

source:Cixi Heroos Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd.

PTFE packing seal packing is also called, is usually woven from strands made of softer, usually square or rectangular cross section, a circular sealing strip is filled cavity in order to achieve sealing, how to identify the quality PTFE packing it? 

1, the composition of the integrity of the performance 

After the performance standard for PTFE packing take into consideration, fibers are designed in a clean environment, its test indicators are optimal, end-users should be aware cut in maintenance PTFE packing Do not add extra lubricant, which makes high performance PTFE packing of the original can not give full play, as this will increase the weight of the PTFE packing, reducing the plastic, it makes Teflon plate Root lose impact resistance, maintenance costs will also increase. 

2, weaving integrity 

PTFE braided packing up production should be more than the number of spindles and multi-track machine, multi-spindle number means more tangled strands, and the results will make PTFE packing becomes durable, In the four-track machine production PTFE packing machine than on a three-track production of PTFE packing outer surface is more flat and smooth, no doubt this will improve the efficiency of PTFE sealing packing reduce the sealing effect of clamping force to achieve, but we also recognize that in some cases (especially in the small size of the PTFE packing in], using four machines may not be appropriate. 

3, weave density 

The most critical factor affecting PTFE fiber braided packing performance play is its weave density. However, weaving itself has a strong artistic, often difficult to weave density values to reflect. In most applications, the choice of those who pass as closely woven and orderly PTFE fiber braided packing, this specific application will produce the best results, closely woven PTFE packing only could withstand wear and extrusion, and deformation does not occur at elevated temperatures, thereby reducing the PTFE packing adjustments, and effectively control the leakage. 

4, the size range 

PTFE packing factor effect is to choose its size, however, the Association for fluid sealing terms of both size deviation from the original size of the practice of taking the default attitude, we should avoid emphasize size larger than the standard size, PTFE vinyl packing can be in the case of less than or equal to the standard size of the working conditions, this method can make braided PTFE packing under some special conditions can also be installed correctly, it can make downtime and installation failure to minimize the possibility of wheel pressure and forming a seal ring is woven manufacturers can be used to follow the two dimensions of effective ways.

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