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Graphite Tape for Spiral wound gasket

Manufacturer & Exporter: Cixi Heroos Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd.


Graphite tape for spiral wound gasket

HEROOS-T251 Pure Expanded graphite tape for making Spiral wound gasket. C>=98%; Tensile strength>=4.2Mpa; Density: 1.0g/cm3; Asbestos or non-asbestos tape for SWG are also available.


Thickness: 0.5~1.0mm

Width: 5.6~6.0mm for 4.5mm, 3.9~4.3mm for 3.2mm

Other sizes on request

Other Style of Graphite Tape, For more information,please contact with us directly,thanks!

Graphite Plain Tape

Valve Stem、Filler of Spiral Wound Gasket

Grapite Corrugated Tape

Commpressed from graphite rolls,used for sealing of screw thread,flange and valve stem.

Graphite Plain Tape Self-adhesive

adhesive tape on one side,used for sealing of screw thread,flange.

Grapite Corrugated Tape Self-adhesive

adhesive tape on one side of grapite corrugated tape

For more information of Graphite Tape for Spiral wound gasket

please email to :  sales@heroos.com   cixiseal@gmail.com    we'll contact you in the shortest time. Thanks!

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