Automatic TIG welding Machine operating

1, the machine placed a smooth, connected to the power , drive power and welding power, please separate the connection, welding 20A circuit breaker, drive 10A circuit breaker. 2, connected to the gas source, the foot switch is pressed cylinder control components, step down under pressure, once again under the open. 3, the factory has… read more

M351 Large Winder for spiral wound gasket instruction

①、Machine installation: As this machine is big, the host should be horizontal, and the stainlesssteel plate should be horizontal at the same height. ②、Trial operation: The power supply for three-phase 380V,using frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. Connect air source,operate the top wheel and roll wheel action button A. B. (A Control the roll, B control… read more

Metal Tape Cutting Machine simple Operating Instructions

Metal Tape Cutting Machine simple Operating Instructions Cixi Heroos Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd. the installation: Carefully open the wooden box packaging machine, the machine and place smoothly moved to the installation location. the test run: Power (according to the labeling requirements into line machine wiring), check the blade meets the processing requirements, operating inverted switch to… read more

Automatic Ring Bending Machine
Automatic Ring Bending Machine Operating Instructions

Automatic Ring Bending Machine with metal spiral wound gasket manufacturing equipment matching a mechanical device, which is the production and processing of metal spiral wound gasket strengthen a non-standard equipment of the ring. read more