Chemical & Petrochemical

We provides a series of sealing products in chemical field which can be used in Valve,reactor , flange,high pressure vessel and piping of such occasions.

Oil & Gas

We sealing products are also widely used in the field of offshore oil and gas.Providing secure goods,improving work efficiency and cutting operational cost.

Power Generation

We bent efforts for safety, reduce downtime especially the basic demand of power supply, owing broadest products in the field of Power Generation & Supply.

Ship Industry

We provides various seals for demand-chain in the special environment of the marine.keep the long-term stability of corrosion resistance,waterproof and rustproof.


Mineral extraction and processing environments need fluid sealing products and other components that can safely withstand the harshest levels of abrasion and aggressive chemical action.

Pulp & Paper

Our products as high-temperature resistance, strong anti-corrosion and non-contaminate, sealing products to meet the specific needs of the Paper,Pulp & Board industries.

Water & Waste

We provides ranges of fluid sealing products in the water and waste sectors, have the abrasion and chemical resistance needed for wastewater processing and river intake duties.

Renewable Energy

We provides variety of safety, durable and uptime sealing goods , that can work In extremely environment and always respond to reliable products.


HEROOS sealing products with good wear-proof and can withstand extreme temperature, corrosive materials and cleanings.


HEROOS known for safety, durable and uptime sealing products that can work In extremely environment , Giant Forging press,winding machine, rolling-mil,largest steelworks and aluminum plants.

Food & Beverage

Our products are designed to meet the stringent high-purity requirements of the food and beverage processing sectors to produce the specialised materials and products that are required.


Heroos are ready to assist the you selection proper industries sealing products and materials.