Non metallic gasket material selection

1 natural rubber NR

The acid and alkali, salt and chloride solution has good corrosion resistance, is the difference of the oil and solventresistance, is not recommended for ozone medium. The recommended operating temperature of -57 ℃ ~93 ℃.

2 chloroprene rubber CR

Chloroprene rubber is a kind of synthetic rubber, suitable formedium corrosion resistance of acid, alkali and salt corrosion.Has good corrosion effects on the commercial oil and fuel.But in strong oxidizing acid, aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons, its corrosion resistance is poor.The recommended operating temperature of -51 ℃ ~121 ℃.

3 butadiene nitrile rubber NBR

Butadiene acrylonitrile rubber is a kind of synthetic rubber,suitable for a wide temperature range has excellent corrosionresistance, solvent oil, hydrocarbon, Fang Xiang basichydrocarbons, petroleum and natural gas. Has good corrosion resistance performance of hydroxide, salt and near neutral acid. But in strong oxidizing medium, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones and lipid its corrosion resistance is poor, the recommended operating temperature 51 ℃ ~121 ℃.

4 fluorine rubber

Fluorine rubber is composed of two yuan and three yuan of fluorine rubber filling agent, vulcanizing agent through mixingand. In addition to excellent heat resistance, medium resistance, and good physical mechanical performance, but also has low compression permanent deformation, good elasticity and long service life. Fluorine rubber hasoutstanding thermal (200 ~ 250 ℃), oil resistance, can be used in the manufacture of cylinder liner seal ring, plastic bowls and rotary lip seal, can significantly improve the use of time. The recommended operating temperature of -40 ℃ ~232 ℃.

5 hypalon

Has a good corrosion resistance to acid, alkali and saltsolution, and not affected by climate, light, ozone, commercial(such as fuel, diesel and kerosene) effect. But not suitable for the aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons,chromic acid and nitric acid. The recommended operatingtemperature of -45 ℃ ~135 ℃.