Carbonized Fiber Packing

Carbonized Fiber Packing



Braided from shrink-proof synthetic fiber impregnated with PTFE, silicon-oil-free, which is oxidized polyacrylonitrile fiber. Compared to traditional carbon fiber packing, it is not brittle, can suited for high peripheral speeds and food industries. Oxidized fiber has high strength and good thermal conductivity, PTFE makes the packing have excellent self-lubrication, so this packing does not damage shafts and has long life.



It can be used in weak acids and alkalis or media containing few grains of solid particles, both dynamic and static, mainly used for centrifugal pumps, plunger pumps, mixers and valves.

Without cooling it can be used with hot water up to 160°C , with cooling it can be used with hot water up to 207°C. Particularly ideal for hot water, condensate and main coolant pumps.



Temperature -50~+280 °C
Pressure-Shaft Rotating 20 bar-25m/s
Reciprocating 100 bar-2m/s
Valve 200 bar-2m/s
PH Range 2~12
Density(appr.) 1.1~1.3g/cm3



in coils of 5 or 10kg

other package on request.



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