Die-formed Graphite Ring

Die-formed Graphite Ring



HEROOS die formed ring are made of low-sulphur expanded graphite without any fillers or binders. They are compressed in precise moulding tools to the required density. Due to the high purity of the material (>98%), no special corrosion protection is required. In general, it has square section and also has V-shaped and wedge-shaped section, the rear two kinds style are suitable for high pressure sealing



HEROOS-P539E Reinforced Die formed Graphite Ring

Moulded from pure flexible graphite with reinforcement, the insert materials stainless steel foil or mesh etc. are available on request. To protect against oxidation, the stainless steel cap is necessary.

HEROOS-P539K Die formed Graphite Ring with Corrosion Inhibitor, Corrosion inhibitor acts as a sacrificial anode to protect the valve stem and the stuffing box.

HEROOS-P539EK is reinforced graphite ring with corrosion inhibitor.



It has all properties of expanded graphite, can bear violent alteration of temperature and pressure. It is ideal packing for valves and static seal in almost all applications. Can be used as stand-alone packing or in combination  high carbon fiber anti-extrusion packing rings, except when stems are severely damaged.

HEROOS have cooperation with more famous Valve manufacturer in the world.



Die-formed Graphite Ring Fans (Dry running) Agitators Valves
Pressure 10Bar 50Bar 800 Bar
Shaft speed 10m/s 5m/s 2m/s
Density 1.2~1.75g/cm3 (Normal: 1.6g/cm3)
Temperature -220~+550°C (+2800°C in non-oxidizing environment)
PH range 0~14




As pre-pressed rings (full or split)

Straight cut and slanted cut on request.

Supply size:

Min.cross section:3mm


For special profiles, rectangular, with inner- or outer bevel, with cap, please offer detailed drawing sizes.

Graphite of nuclear grade (≥99.5%) on request.



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