Double Jacketed Gasket

Double Jacketed Gasket



Metal jacketed gaskets comprise of a thin metallic outer shell enclosing a resilient filler material. The gaskets metal case protects the resilient filler and is resistant to pressure, temperature and corrosion. Metal jacketed gaskets are hand made and are available in many shapes and sizes with a selection of metals and fillers available. Internal ribs of any configuration are available.These gaskets are widely used in heat exchanger applications but require good and even flange surfaces along with high bolt loads to effect a seal.

Single jacketed gaskets have one surface and both OD and ID covered by the metal jacket. Suitable for narrow flange widths in low pressure valve / pump applications.

Double jacketed gaskets are completely enclosed by a two piece metal jacket covering OD, ID and both sealing surfaces. Widely used in heat exchanger applications and suitable for corrosive and high temperature service.

Internal ribs (pass partition bars) can be integral or welded welded as in both types, the primary seal is safely maintained.



> Heat exchangers

> Gas mains

> Boiler and fues

> Pumps.

> Valve bonnets

those with simple shapes are applied in pipeline flange and sealing surface of internal-combustion machines, and those with complicated shapes are used in the flange cover of heat exchanger, etc. The general gaskets are 10-25 MM wide and 2MM-8MM thick, and can be used in a maximum work pressure of 6-10Mpa.



the cladding materials are different metal panels of 0.1MM-0.5MM thick, and the internal cladding materials are made of non-metal materials.


Jackets: Soft iron, low carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, copper, aluminium, brass, titanium, monel, etc.
Filler: Expanded graphite, ceramic, PTFE, etc.

Metal Jacketed Gasket Normal Shapes

Double Jacket Gaskets

To industry, national and international standards, or customer specification.
Materials of jacket and filler selected to suit operating conditions.


The gasket thickness tolerance is (+0.03 inch., -0.000 inch) (+0.8mm, -0.0mm)

(1). For gaskets NPS 1/2 through NPS 24, the outside and inside diameter tolerances are +0.06 inch, -0.0 inch (+1.5mm, -0.0mm);

(2). There are no Class 400 flange for NPS 1/2 through NPS 3 (Use Class 600);

(3). There are no Class 600 flanges for NPS 1/2 through NPS 2-1/2 (Use Class 1500);

(4). There are no Class 2500 NPS 14 and larger


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