Kynol Fiber Packing

Kynol Fiber Packing



Braided from high-performance Kynol (also named novoloidTM or phenolicTM) fiber impregnated with special PTFE lubricant, it has very good mechanical properties combining softness and strength. The packing has natural golden sheen. Compared to ordinary aramid and PTFE.

1, Thermal stability, low heat expansion;

2, High dimensional stability and superior pressure resistance even at elevated temperature;

3, Good process-ability, easy to cut and fit;

4, Outstanding chemical resistance particularly in acidic media;

5, Excellent resistance to organic solvents, oil and fuels;

HEROOS-P551 PTFE Packing with Kynol fiber corners

It contains the advantage both PTFE and KynolTM



A high performance packing that is well suited to applications where graphite impregnation may not be acceptable. Suitable for abrasive media, and where contamination is not permitted. It has multiple uses in chemical plants and pulp and paper mills, and is regularly used in rotating and reciprocating pumps, washer journals, liquor pumps, refiners and digesters.



Kynol Fiber Packing Rotating Reciprocating Static
Pressure 20 bar 100 bar 200 bar
Shaft speed 20 m/s 1.5 m/s 2 m/s
Temperature -200~+260℃
PH range 1~13
Density 1.5g/cm3



In coils of 5 to 10 kg, other weight on request




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