Non-Metallic Flat Gaskets

Non-Metallic Flat Gaskets




HEROOS can offer you various NON-METALLIC FLAT GASKETS made from Asbestos, non-asbestos, Graphite, reinforced graphite, PTFE, improved PTFE, mica, and various rubber sheets etc. They are used in a large number by various industries and in a variety of applications. Available are standard and nonstandard gasket design. Non-standard means gaskets can be optional shapes and dimensions.



Materials Pressure Mpa Tempt. ℃
Rubber 2.0 120
Cork 2.0 150
Asbestos-rubber CAF 2.0 450
Oil-resisting Asb 2.0 300
Acid-Resisting Asb 2.0 250
Mica 2.0~5.0 650
Non-asbestos/NCAF 2.0~5.0 300
Oil-resisting NCAF 2.0~5.0 300
PTFE 2.0~5.0 250
Graphite 5.0~11.0 500


Above Pressure & Temperature only for your reference, more specifications, please see to our data sheets or contact our engineers.

Other special materials, Braided cloth or tape with materials Glass fiber, asbestos and ceramic are also can be made into various gaskets



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