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Ring Joint Gasket




Ring joint gaskets are solid metal gasket that is highly polished and softer than the flange material. The gasket is actually ‘crushed’ into flange (coining & intimate contact), creating a seal by filling imperfections and leak paths with gasket material. Under high sealing stress the gasket will deforms but the flange will not. They are used predominantly in the petrochemical industry (offshore oil platforms, refineries) due to the high service pressures required in their processes. Ring joint gaskets are precision engineered and machined to exact specifications with tight tolerances(ASME B16.20, API 6A).



HEROOS-610 ring joint gaskets are metallic sealing rings suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications and are fitted in ring groove type flanges.They are widely used in the Oil / Petrochemical industry and in valves and pipe work. Choice of material may be determined to suit higher temperatures and aggressive media.



Sometimes,the sealing fluid and working condition is special. We need to add some ancillary components. Then the sealing effect will be better:

  • PTFE inner rings – for sitting in the cavity between flange bore and ring joint to reduce turbulence and flange erosion.
  • Flange protectors – for installation around the external diameter of flange joint to minimise ingress of moisture and dirt.
  • Rubber coated ring joints – soft iron ring joint gaskets encapsulated in nitrile rubber for testing wellhead assemblies and valves. Rings can be reused and do not damage flange grooves.


Are Available In 3 Types:

610R: The R type ring joint gaskets are available in oval or octagonal cross section and manufactured in accordance to API 6A and ASME B16.20 to suit API 6B and ASME / ANSI B16.5 flanges. The oval ring fits the round AND flat bottom ring groove flange while the octagonal shape fits only the modern flat bottom groove flange.
610RX: The RX type RTJ gasket is manufactured in accordance to API 6A and ASME B16.20 to suit API 6B and ASME / ANSI B16.5 flanges. The RX is a pressure energized version of the R octagonal gasket and fits the R type flat bottomed groove. The RX has an increased height and utilizes the internal system pressure to energize and improve the seal as internal pressure increase. Some RX sizes have a pressure relief hole to equalize pressure both sides of the sealing faces.
610BX: The BX type RTJ gasket are manufactured in accordance with API 6A and are suitable for use in high pressure API 6BX flanges. The gaskets form a metal to metal seal on assembly and the efficiency improves as internal pressure increases. All BX sizes have a pressure relief hole to equalize pressure across sealing faces.

Standard:ANSI B16.5-1973、JPI-75-15-70、GB 699、GB1220、JB755、HG20633-97



Material Maximum Hardness Temperature( ℃ ) Abbreviations
Brinell Rockwell“B”Grade
Soft Iron 90 56 -60~500 D
Low Carbon Steel 120 68 -40~540 S
SS304 160 83 -250~540 304
SS304L 160 83 -250~540 304L
SS316 160 83 -200~815 316
SS316L 160 83 -200~815 316L
SS321 160 83 -200~870 321
SS347 160 83 -200~870 347
SS410 170 86 -40~850 410
5Cr-0.5Mo 130 -29~650
Copper 80 -100~315
Aluminum 35 -200~425
Inconel 600 150 -100~1095
Incoloy 825 150 -100~1095
Monel 400 150 -100~760
Titanium 215 -200~540
Nickel 200 – 110 200~760
Hastelloy B2 230 -100~1095
Hastelloy C276 210 -100~1095



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