Rubber Sheet

Rubber Sheet



HEROOS Rubber sheets are manufactured for your different requirements such as oil-resisting, acid and alkali-resisting, cold and heat-resisting, insulation, anti-seismic etc. They can cut into various gaskets, used in chemicals, elections, fire-resisting and food. They also can be used as sealer, buffer rubber ring, rubber mat, sealing strip and for the decoration of flights of step and ground of hotel, port boats and ships, vehicles etc.



StyleProductsColorg/cm3Hardness shElongation %Tensile strength
420BRBlack rubber sheetBlack1.670±52503.0Mpa
420RCBlack rubber sheet with cloth insertBlack1.670±52204.0Mpa
420NBRNitrile rubber sheetBlack1.565±52805.0Mpa
420SBRStyrene-butadiene rubber sheetBlack/red1.565±53004.5Mpa
420CRNeoprene rubber sheetBlack1.560±53004.5Mpa
420EPDMEthylene propylenediene rubber sheetBlack1.465±53008.0Mpa
420SCSilicone rubber sheetWhite1.250±54008.0Mpa
420VITONFluorine rubber sheetBlack2.070±53508.0Mpa
420ROOil-resisting rubber sheetBlack1.565±52805.0Mpa
420RCHCold & heat-resisting rubber sheetBlack1.665±52804.5Mpa
420RAAAcid & alkali-resisting rubber sheetBlack1.665±52804.5Mpa
420RIInsulating rubber sheetBlack1.565±53005.0Mpa
420RFIFire-resistance rubber sheetBlack1.765±52804.5Mpa
420FRFood grade rubber sheetRed/white1.660±53006.0Mpa


Width: 1000mm,1200mm,1500mm,2000mm Length on request.

Normal: 50kg/roll,Thickness 1~60mm

Each rubber sheet can be reinforced with fabric cloth,thickness ≥1.5mm

More other rubber products are available on request.



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