Spiral Wound Gasket

Spiral Wound Gasket



Spiral wound gaskets are special semi-metallic gaskets of great resilience, therefore they are very suitable for applications featuring heavy operating conditions, Spiral wound gaskets are manufactured by spirally winding a v-shaped metal strip and a strip of non-metallic filler material. The metal strip holds the filler, providing the gasket with mechanical resistance and resilience. Spiral wound gaskets can be reinforced by an outer centering ring and/or inner retaining ring. The outer centering ring controls the compression and holds the gasket centrally within the bolt circle. The inner retaining ring increases the axial rigidity and resilience of the gasket. Spiral wound gaskets should always be in contact with the flange and should not protrude into the pipe or project from the flange.

HEROOS-600 spiral wound gasket is formed of v-shaped Metallic strip and soft non-metallic filler. Support rings, inside and Outside the spiral, improve the gasket’s handing, fitting and Versatility. Depend on its excellent compression resilience, it is suitable for sealing spots where the alteration of temperature and pressure are frequent.




R Type Spiral Wound Gasket

Basic Type

* Basic construction type, inner and outer diameters are reinforced with several piles of metal without filler to give greater stability and better compression characteristics.

* Recommended flange tongue and groove, male to female and flat face to recess.

* General and critical duties.

IR Type Spiral Wound Gasket

Inner Ring Type

* Solid inner metal ring acts as a compression stopper. To prevent accumulation of solids, reduce turbulent flow of process fluids and minimize erosion, damages of gasket between flange bore and the inside diameter, the annular space is filled up by solid inner metal ring.

* Suitable for male and female pipe flanges.

* General duties.

CG Type Spiral Wound Gasket

Outer Ring Type

* Solid outer ring accurately locates the gasket on the flange face to give the additional radial strength to prevent the gasket blowout and acts as a compression limiter. In case of installing the outer ring, it is very easy to install the gasket to flange face because the end of outer ring will touch at bolts.

* Suitable for use with flat face and raised face flanges. For class 900 and above an internal ring is recommended.

* General and critical duties.

CGI Type Spiral Wound Gasket

Inner & Outer Rings Type

* A inner ring and outer ring type gasket will give an additional compression limiting stopper for gasket inner and outer side. It will prevent the corrosions on flange face at annular space.

* Suitable for use with flat face and raised face flanges and specified for high pressure / temperature service – Class 900 and above or where corrosive or toxic media are present.

* General and critical duties.



Spiral wound gaskets can be used for sealing flange joints, manhole and handhold covers, tube covers, boilers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, pumps, compressors and valves; in industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, and food processing, in power industries and nuclear power stations. They are ideal for steam, oil, liquids, gases, acids, alkalines, various organic mediums and solvents.

* Pipe, valve, pump, thermal exchange, condensing tower, plain hole and man hole of flange, etc.
* Petrochemical, chemical, mechanical manufacturer, power station, metallurgy, shipbuilding, medical and pharmaceutical unclear power station and navigation, etc.

Prime Features
* Gasket are made in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.
* Combinations of metal strip and filler are selected to suit the specific fluid media and operating conditions.
* Quick to install and remove
* Make gaskets suitable for high pipeline pressure on flat or raised flange faces.
* Temperatures from cryogenic up to 1000°C


Specifications & Materials
* Products are manufactured in accordance with all relevant gasket standards to suit flange designations: ASME B 16.20, ASME B 16.5, BS1560, ASME B 16.47 A (B), BS EN 1092, DIN, JIS, and NF, etc.
* Color cord as ASME B 16.20 on request.

* Provide complete range of materials spiral wound gaskets, combining the performance of the materials. Including Monel 400/ Inconel 600,625,800,825/ Hastelloy B3/ Hastelloy C276/ Titanium,etc. Range of fillers: Graphite, PTFE, Non-asbestos, Mica, etc.




1. Metal strap
A. made of 08F,0Cr13, 0Cr18Ni19Ti, 0Cr18Ni9Ti, 00Cr18Ni10, 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 cold-rolled steel strap with a thickness of 0.15mm~0.25mm or decided by the supplier and acquirer.
B. the metal strap should be pre-molding V-shaped or W-shaped narrow strap with smooth and clean surface, without any defects, such as roughness, cracks, scratches, drop pits or rusty spot, etc.
C. Hardness value of the stainless steel HV≤200

2. Non-metal strap
A. the non-metal packing material is specially-made asbestos strap, flexible graphite strap, PTFE strap, non-asbestos fiber strap and isinglass strap with a thickness of 0.3-1.0mm.
B. loss of weight on ignition of specially-made asbestos should be ≤25%.
C. chlorine ion content of non-metal strap should be ≤100PPM.
D. the recommended temperature and pressure of various medium and different metal straps.

MinimumMaximumGuide Ring Color Code
Carbon Steel-40-401000540CRSSilver
Alloy 20-300-1851400760A-20Black
Hastelloy B3-300-18520001090HAST BBrown
Hastelloy C276-300-18520001090HAST CBeige
Incoloy 800-150-1001600870IN 800White
Incoloy 825-150-1001600870IN 825White
Inconel 600-150-10020001090INC 600Gold
Inconel 625-150-10020001090INCO 625Gold
Inconel X750-150-10020001090INXNo Color
Monel 400-200-1301500820MONOrange
Nickel 200-320-1951400760NIRed



MinimumMaximum COTStripe Color Code
Flexible Graphite-350-212950510F.G.Gray
Ceramic-350-21220001090CERLight Green
Mica Graphite-350-2121100590MICA-GRAPink


How to Order

1. Nominal pipe size or specific gasket dimensions

2. Pressure rating

3. Winding and filler materials

4. Centering / outer ring or inner ring material