Corrugated Graphite Tape

Corrugated Graphite Tape



Designed for use as packing, just with wrapping tape to stem or shaft, and then stuffing, endless packing can be formed. It is easily installed for small diameter valves, and can also be used for emergencies when spare packings are not available.


Thickness: 0.4mm,0.5mm,

Width: 10~30mm,

Density: 0.7,1.0g/cm3,

Length: 10~15m/roll

Other sizes on request.


Other Style of Graphite Tape:

Graphite Plain Tape Valve Stem、Filler of Spiral Wound Gasket
Grapite Corrugated Tape Commpressed from graphite rolls,used for sealing of screw thread,flange and valve stem.
Graphite Plain Tape Self-adhesive adhesive tape on one side,used for sealing of screw thread,flange.
Grapite Corrugated Tape Self-adhesive adhesive tape on one side of grapite corrugated tape




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