Flexible Graphite Packing

Flexible Graphite Packing



Braided from low-sulphur expanded graphite yarns, which are reinforced by cotton or glass fiber. It has a very low friction, does not damage shafts or stems. It shows good thermal and chemical resistance and high elasticity.



Other reinforcement materials are also available:

Glass fiber——–High strength, lower cost

Carbon fiber——Less weight loss

HEROOS-P530K –Flexible Packing with Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion inhibitor acts as a sacrificial anode to protect the valve stem and the stuffing box.



HEROOS-P530 & HEROOS-P530K is a multi-service packing capable of a wide variety of uses throughout a plant. It can be used in valves, pumps, expansion joints, mixers and agitators in high-pressure, high-temperature hostile environments of hydrocarbon processing, pulp and paper, power stations, refineries and industries where effective sealing is vital.

Precaution: in oxidizing environment.



Flexible Graphite Packing Rotating Reciprocating Valves
Pressure 20 Bar 100Bar 300Bar-
Shaft speed 20m/s 2m/s 2m/s
Density 1.0~1.3g/cm3 (+3% — 530K)
PH 0~14



in coils of 5 kg, other package on request.

as precut length




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